Vital things about solar in the USA include tax credits now extended to 2021. Both are 30% for installs that begin in 2019, then 26% in 2020 & 22% for projects that begin in 2021.

Residential credit is planned to cease after 2021, and commercial and utility credit to remain at 10%. Commercial and utility projects that commenced construction before December 31, 2021, may still qualify for the 30% to 22% if finished and working before December 31, 2023.

Vital things about solar in the USA – solar tax credits work

This excellent USA system assisted USA’s residential and commercial solar installation to increase by over 1,600% since 2006. That’s a compound annual growth of 76%. It enables home-owners to use the credit to offset their personal income tax. It applies when home-owners buy the systems outright and have them installed on their homes. In the case of the Section 48 credit, the business that installs, develops and/or finances the project claims the credit.

Vital things about solar in the USA – how much does US home/business solar cost?

In early 2019 a good US solar system costs about US$3.10 per watt: about US$18,500 for the commonly-used 6 kW system (prior to tax credits).

This current cost is very much higher than in many other countries. That 6 kW system costs under A$5000. Why it is so costly in the USA seems unclear (it is over twice that of the far smaller market in Australia).

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