Collyn Rivers has enormous knowledge of the subjects in his books and his writing is concise and not overdone with technicalities or difficult-to-understand jargon …  they are written in clear English and it is difficult to find any aspect not fully explained.

Peter Poat

The West Australian

Solar Success

This book explains how to design and build home and property systems that ensures affordable solar success first and every time.

Making renewable solar energy work effectively involves more than purchasing lots of solar panels.  It’s a process that involves reduced consumption, energy efficiency and effective use of technology.  This book covers all those topics and more.

Whether you’re building a new home or adding solar to an existing structure, this is the one book you can’t afford to be without.

“Whether you want to simply understand the pros and cons of going solar . . . this book will answer more questions than any other. Highly recommended.”

Alan Gray

Editor, Earth Garden magazine

“Collyn Rivers has covered just about every aspect of installing, designing, and understanding a home solar power system, whether it’s stand-alone or grid-connected.”

Alan Gray

Editor, Earth Garden magazine

“When Collyn Rivers speaks, even original equipment manufacturers take notice”

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I heartily recommend this book to anyone that is interested in getting their own solar power installation. The book is not just easy to read but I can see it also becoming a little bit of a reference book for myself. It contains some simple formulas to work out electrical properties of various parts of a solar power system.

Strawbale House

A pragmatic no-nonsense approach to solar energy written by acclaimed Australian author Collyn Rivers, who walks the walk by showing his self-installed solar system on his 100% solar powered 10-acre property in the Kimberley.

Jaycar Electronics

Solar Success is a unique, plain English, complete guide to understanding, designing and installing stand-alone and grid connect solar for homes and properties anywhere in the world

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Our Other Books


Solar That Really Works!

Solar That Really Works! (4th edition) covers every aspect of solar in camper trailers, motorhomes and both conventional and fifth wheeler caravans. It explains what everything does, how it all works, how to design a system accordingly and, then, in detail, how to put every bit together. It also provides a possibly eye-opening insight into what solar panels really produce (it’s a lot less than marked on the box) and how to recover at least part of that difference. It shows also how to ensure the fridge works as well as it should.

“Solar That Really Works! fills a previously all but unexplored need. In one tightly written book, Collyn covers all that is needed to design and install solar electrical systems in anything from a tiny caravan or campervan to a large fishing camp.”

The Really Good Bookshop (Qld)

Caravan & Motorhome Electrics

Solar in an RV needs to work with the electrical system that connects everything that needs power. This book covers every aspect of designing, installing and fault finding of electrics in fifth wheel and conventional caravans as well as camper trailers, campervans and motorhomes. The book explains how things work, and what they really do (not what vendors claim they do). It shows how to dramatically improve performance, and reduce energy draw, of electric (especially) three-way fridges, likewise charging systems.

“Collyn Rivers’ books contain a wealth of information and are a must for anyone who carries out their own repairs or installations, or simply for those who wish to know how and why all the nitty-gritty works.”

Peter Poat
Weekend Western Australian

The Solar Library

The complete Solar collection – all 3 Solar Books – by Collyn Rivers for A$49.95

Usual price A$59.85.


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In 1959 Collyn Rivers and two friends took off on a journey across Africa – including the Sahara Desert.  Turmoil in many African countries has made the trip they took impossible since that time.  They were the last.  Anthony Fleming was one of the three.  He has made a video about their adventure that has been viewed on YouTube over 310,000 times.  Collyn has also written about those times and has written about it in his own distinctive style.

RV Books

How we’re different



Our books cover every aspect of solar

  • Why to use solar
  • How much solar energy is available where I will use it
  • What can be run from solar
  • The best type of solar modules for you
  • The best type of batteries for you
  • How much solar and battery capacity
  • Do I need a back-up generator
  • Can I do all the work myself
  • How much does a system cost


If any of these books do not save you time and money – by significantly more than the cost of the book – we will return your purchase price.



These books assume that most buyers intend to self-build and are written with that intent. They are however also bought by electricians and others seeking to add solar to their skills – and provide virtually all that is needed for that purpose.



Collyn Rivers has a close to 50 year reputation in communicating technical material accurately in plain down-to-earth English. This shines through these three books – all of which have been updated many times.


Easy to understand

Few writers understand solar or electrics, likewise few engineers can explain technical stuff in plain English. Author/engineer Collyn Rivers, however, has successful careers in each (Bio). His books are both readable and technically accurate. Whilst never intended, Caravan & Motorhome Electrics was chosen many years ago as the basis of Australia’s auto electricians (TAFE) training. Most auto-electricans use it as a guide.



For the entirety of the 21st century, thus far, Collyn’s books have been essential reading for anyone exploring Australia by any sort of RV. His solar books have been been saving people serious money  for more than a decade.

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